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NCS Multistage -- March 23, 2016
NCS Multistage -- May 3, 2016
Paradigm -- May 10, 2016
NCS Multistage system -- July 19, 2016
Paradigm -- October 4, 2016
NCS Multistage -- October 12, 2016
Paradigm -- Houston, October 17, 2016
Paradigm -- April 14, 2014
Paradigm -- March 31, 2014
Paradigm -- March 17, 2014
NCS Energy Services -- March 13, 2014
Paradigm -- March 3, 2014
Knight Oil Tools -- March 2014
Paradigm -- February 24, 2014
Paradigm -- February 17, 2014
Paradigm -- February 11, 2014
NCS Energy Services -- February 6, 2014
NCS Energy Services -- February 6, 2014
Knight Oil Tools -- February 2014
Paradigm -- January 22, 2014
Paradigm -- January 7, 2014
Knight Oil Tools -- January 2014
Paradigm -- December 17, 2013
SMU Cox -- November 19, 2013
Knight Oil Tools -- November 2013
NCS Energy Services -- October 22, 2013
Paradigm -- September 24, 2013
Paradigm -- September 23, 2013
NCS Energy Services -- July 22, 2013
Knight Oil Tools -- May 2013
NCS Energy Services -- March 4, 2013
Knight Oil Tools -- March 2013
Knight Oil Tools -- February 2013

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Social Media Goes Mainstream in Oil & Gas

We raised awareness about the business benefits of enterprise social media use in the oil and gas industry through industry surveys, media and analyst briefings and alignment with a Microsoft customer event. The success of the PR campaign was recognized by AMA and IABC. The Story Collaboration has always been vital to oilfield operations, but due to industry complexities, oil and gas professionals require collaboration more than ever. Information technology (IT) is available in the form of enterprise social...

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Building Thought Leadership for a University Leadership Development Group

We developed a bi-monthly custom magazine, Leadership Excellence, to demonstrate thought leadership for SMU Cox’s staff and faculty. Messages from high-level corporate leaders complimented the business leadership skills displayed by the publication. The Story Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business has a solid reputation on a local, regional and national basis for offering outstanding undergraduate and graduate business programs. Cox Executive Education offers programs that provide relevant and dynamic learning experiences for working professionals, managers, and executives. These...

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Multiple Canadian Solutions Unite under One Oil & Gas Brand

We expanded Wescorp’s marketing position from a local hardware provider in Canada to a global provider of a wide array of oilfield engineering and field services. In one short year, Wescorp went from a total unknown to the front cover of the Oil & Gas Journal‘s technology special issue. The Story Wescorp Energy is the product of several corporate changes:  tThe acquisition of Flowstar Technologies and Total Fluids Solutions, a 50-50 joint venture with Norway-based Ellycrack, AS and a...

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Shining the Spotlight on Pervasive Mobile Middleware

We supported Recursion Software as it branched into the mobile technology industry with a product launch and expanded capabilities for its software development platform. Consistent media and analyst coverage, speaking engagements and event presence helped the company gain recognition among its industry targets. The Story Recursion Software made an early name for itself among software development professionals with a line of toolkits for C++, C#, .NET and Java programming languages. Over the years, Recursion continued to develop new products...

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Preserving the Efficient Marketplace

We influenced the industry conversation about travel distribution economics, swinging media opinion on the topic 40% and boosting media reporting by 1200% year over year. The Sabre campaign was honored with an IABC Silver Quill Award of Excellence in external communications. The Story 2006 was the year of the perfect storm – for the travel industry and for Sabre Travel Network, Sabre Holdings’ Global Distribution System (GDS). Major airlines looked to cut costs by shifting distribution from the GDS...

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Community. Well Served

We rebranded a community management company to reflect its professionalism and quality services. The project included a communications audit, messaging development, new logo, collateral materials, trade show design, community newsletter and a client event. The new brand brought greater recognition for CMA’s services. The Story CMA (RTI/Community Management Associates, Inc.), a fast-growing team of professionals providing services to residential and commercial communities and developers, approached us in 2003 about moving the company’s branding elements forward to reflect the quality...

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Introducing Microsoft to the Global Energy Industry

Over the years, we’ve provided communications planning, media and analyst relations, trade show media support, writing services and more for Microsoft in the oil and gas industry. We’ve seen the industry move from asking “Why Microsoft?” to asking “What does Microsoft think?” in the oilfield market. A Decade-Long Client Relationship We began serving Microsoft’s outreach to the global energy industry in 2003, working closely with Marisé Mikulis, Microsoft worldwide oil and gas industry manager and the Microsoft Manufacturing marketing...

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Why Is Steve Ballmer at CERAWeek?

We raised awareness about Microsoft’s presence in the oil and gas industry through increased media coverage and industry event attendance – by its CEO. The campaign was recognized with an IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence in media relations. The Story In 2003 Microsoft formed a vertical unit focused on the energy industry (oil, gas and retail petroleum), yet prior to CERAWeek 2005, few business reporters who cover the energy industry were aware of that. We thoroughly researched business...

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Real-Time Communication and Productivity Solutions for Contact Centers

We supported Symon when it relocated its corporate headquarters and acquired new product lines. We created a strategic communications plan to drive awareness for the company’s expanded direction. We provided communications counsel and support to Symon Communications, Inc. in 2002 when the company relocated its corporate headquarters to the Dallas area from Sugarland, Texas. With our communications, Symon Communications recrafted its brand from a wallboard manufacturer to a leading provider of enterprise information solutions for performance and productivity management....

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One Big Fat Cloud Computing Prediction for 2014 -

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